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Please do not rent from Puddingstone Properties in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have had nothing but problems with them. First of all, the ad they posted on Kijiji for this property was completely misleading. The pictures of the one bedroom apartment showed walls that were painted lovely neutral colours. When I moved in, every wall was painted over (not very well/unfinished) with splotchy white primer.
After four months of living at the apartment, my fridge – that is provided by the landlord broke. I lost all of my food. I immediately reported it to my landlord, and it took them about five days to replace the broken fridge. The bathroom fan stopped working completely at this time as well. I reported the problem and instead of replacing it, they just removed it. Due to the lack of ventilation in the bathroom, the paint started peeling and mold formed on the ceiling. Following these two problems, several others became known. The eaves-troughs were broken and full of dirt/leaves. So every time it rained, water would fall directly into my front door. The rain water seeped into the door frame, and into the floor boards. This caused the door frame to shift…. I was unable to lock my door for months due to the miss alignment. Finally, after several emails, they fixed the eaves-troughs and replaced the lock. Unfortunately, they did not fix the messed up door, door frame, or floorboards.
A month later, my key snapped in the lock late at night. I called my landlord and asked if he could come over and use tools to remove the broken piece and use his copy of the key to let me in. He refused, and left me stranded on a freezing cold February night. I ended up sleeping on a friend’s couch. I then discovered a rat was living my apartment as well. It chewed and ruined everything that I stored in the closet, and underneath the sink. Luckily that problem was dealt with.

Every time I emailed, or talked to my landlords they were extremely rude and demeaning towards me. After all of these problems I decided I had had enough. I gave in my notice.
Unsurprisingly, the replacement fridge I received was of very poor quality. The handles on the fridge and freezer snapped due to overtight screws, and the sealing for the fridge started to peel off. It was also extremely loud. I reported these problems, and they brought someone in to repair the fridge. This was after I gave in my notice. I moved out, and they refused to give back my whole security deposit. They removed the amount for the fridge repair, and blamed me for it entirely. I take care of all my belonging, and appliances gently. I argued against them, but I would have had to go to court and deal with a ton of stress just to get my full deposit back.

The laundry facility was across the street in the other apartment building. Had to share one washer and dryer with two full buildings of tenants. Parking was minimal.

I am thankful to be renting from friendlier people now, in a unit that is in great condition.

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