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Great price, great location… that’s about it. This apartment and this landlord were terrible. I didn’t even like going to the apartment it was so terrible. The whole apartment is crooked and shoddily built and there are almost no electrical outlets. The second bedroom is in the basement next to a second bathroom. The sewage backed up twice while we lived there and came up through the sinks, it was absolutely disgusting. There was mould and mildew everywhere and the sink was constantly full of brown water. The landlord is IMPOSSIBLE to get ahold of, even his answering machine is always full, you can’t even leave a message for him. The downstairs bedroom was unliveable after the hot water heater broke and flooded the room. It wasn’t used for the last three months of the lease, I couldn’t even stay in the apartment because the bedroom was full of mold and the bathroom was still full of sewage water. But the landlord wouldn’t give us any kind of discount on rent. I’ve lived in 4 different apartments and this was by far the most terrible.

5 thoughts on “6246 Allan Street, Halifax, NS, Canada

  1. I lived on the top floor here ~6 months in 2013. Viewed the place during the summer when the windows were wide open and the summer air was flowing. It seemed decent (but old, mind you), so I went for it. Needless to say, the problems that arose were: a) mice, LOTS of mice, b) delinquent landlord who would never do anything, c) mold in the walls in the washroom, d) constant mildew and dampness, e) rotted out LEAD pipes that cause ceiling rot in the entry way, f) zero heat insulation from broken windows and poor window caulking all through the building, and g) no tenants in the bottom floor at all where the only thermostats for the forced air heating system in the top floor was located. The landlord kept it absolutely ice cold coming into the fall, to the point where it was pretty much unliveable.

    Invoked my tenants rights and informed the landlord of the massive array of violations, then peaced the fucq out.

  2. I lived in 6244 Allan which is the same building as 6246.

    Landlord refused to communicate by email – there’s your first red flag. Had promised to make repairs many times but never delivered.

    2/5 windows don’t close properly and are drafty. Another window sill is missing completely. Hot air vents blast smoke residue from tenants downstairs.

    Tenants in 6244 #1 (still there as of Nov 2015) smoke cigarettes/weed every single day, now all my clothes and furniture reek. They have ‘guests’ show up at all hours of the night pounding on the back door, which is conveniently located below the bedroom window, the one with no sill… These downstairs neighbours have frequent interaction with the police, for noise complaints and because their ‘guests’ get arrested. Draw your own conclusions people!!! I got out of there before winter, don’t make the same mistake I did and stay far away!!

  3. Hi folks,
    I am a new tenant at 6244 Allan St. Unfortunately I only found these reviews now. I think the mold was painted over and is making us sick. Did anyone live here long enough to experience that?

  4. Julie I’m so sorry to hear that. I am the commenter above from Nov 2015 and yes I did get sick the same way you are experiencing after living there only 2 months!! The landlord did not fight me leaving but he kept my security deposit…

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