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This is by far the worst place I have ever lived. The place is infested with mould and there are mice during the winter months. The landlord is basically non-existent these issues were brought to their attention and nothing has been done to resolve them. The landlord also downplays the seriousness of issues that arise in the apartment telling tenants that there is no way things can be as bad as they make them out to be. I would never wish this living situation on my worst enemy. The office claims to take pride in their rental properties, however, what little work that has been done has been extremely shotty carpentry. The heating bill almost doubles the price of rent during the winter months because doors and windows are not sealed properly. When we looked at the place the people were extremely deceitful, there was no running water or power. We viewed the place in the evening. There was baking soda on the floor of the sun room to mask the odour. We were told that a professional cleaner would be in to take care of the place, which never happened. When we cleaned the room we realized that there was dog feces plastered to the walls. This is the worst rental property I have ever seen and I would not suggest anyone even considering moving into this unit until it is renovated.

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