Landlord rating:
Apt. Rating:
Stay Length:
1 Year
Area Safe
Area Noisy
Some what
In Building
Coin Operated
  • Hot Water
  • Water
Avg. Monthly Cost
$$30/month power

Landlord doesn’t have enough time to manage this building properly. It is falling apart, gaps in all the floorboards that bugs and mice crawl in through, cracks in the foundation/insulation that let cold air into the closets, cracks in the bathtub (that have been poorly fixed and reopened), and overall terrible, amateur work on every other aspect of the house. Everything from the cabinets, to the sinks, to the doors are installed improperly leading to loud creaks at night and walking in the apartment. Landlord seldom replies as he works full time and forgets to respond often. When he does respond he often blames the tenant for the issues, then puts the tenant directly in contact with whatever contractor he picked to “solve” the issue. There have been bugs in my closet for weeks, my toes were cold all winter, and I pay way more than I should be. Don’t live here.

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