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Stay Length:
5+ Years
Area Safe
Area Noisy
Some what

This place has since been renovated, but if it is anything like it was before, look out. The landlord is a very entertaining man, however, is clueless about the rules to being a landlord, and once requested that we allow him to use one of the bedrooms as a garden shed. (This room also had two picture windows, indoors, that looked into our living room?) He often busted in at 7am with no notice to the dismay of my naked, sleeping roommate, who was the only person in the house that the landlord would address directly. The amenities of the household included no less than 3 doors into every room, an incorrectly sized bathfitter tub installed over the pre-existing tub partially concealing the bathroom window which was open year-round, the extra ventilation for the bathroom consisted of a dryer hose that went through one of the 3 bathroom doors and out a hole that had been bashed through the window in the adjacent hallway and taped up to prevent rain/air/etc from getting in. The back deck was constructed of four very very tall posts made of boards nailed end to end to the second storey and nailed to the side of the house. The landlord keeps a wicked garden in the backyard, which is huge and wild and great, though. The front window in the kitchen was exceptionally faulty, but the issue was rectified by the erecting of signage that instructed to NEVER OPEN and what appeared to be the longest nails possible adhering to the house. The stove was from 1952, I’m sure, and if it wasn’t so retro, I’d probably have more to say about it. The house, likely, at one point, was a magnificent place to live, which is apparent from the extremely elaborate carpets and wallpaper. Were it not for the insane home renovations by the landlord and his right hand man, plus the age of the place, I probably would have lived there forever. After the grass started growing inside the house though, it was time to go. Once the toilet overflowed overnight, and destroyed the refrigeration system for the convenience store downstairs causing something like 80 grand in damages. Also, you can’t beat living above a store, and the dude who owns the store was both a gentleman and a scholar.

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