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I rented from Gillian Ansell for approximately 3 years at 2 different properties. Firstly, they like to advertise renovation services for landlords. Do not hire them for this. The most recent unit I rented I viewed while it was under renovation. I was told it would be completed by my move in date. The day I moved in I showed up with paid movers and no further work had been done since I had viewed it… not even the plaster and dirt was swept from the floors. Further the unit I rented prior to that she charged a pet deposit on top of half a months rent for security deposit, which is illegal. In my first unit I was on a a year to year lease, when moving to the second unit I asked for the same type of lease and I was told that they do not offer anything other than a fixed term lease. This was a lie and I have it in writing. I was in a tough spot as my existing unit had ongoing issues with the pipes freezing. When moving out at the end of my fixed term lease she did not understand how a fixed term lease works. She seemed to be under the impression that a fixed term lease requires a notice period. How on earth can you be a property manager and not understand the difference between types of leases? Furthermore the “renovated” unit I moved into had ongoing mold issues. I lost several hundred dollars worth of clothing and leather shoes. My health was impacted. Despite pictures provided the most that was ever done was Neil the maintenance person was sent over and he wiped down the area I had already cleaned with a bleach solution. They then considered the issue solved. Reading other reviews of this company it has been mentioned elsewhere that many of their poorly renovated units have mold issues which they do not address. When I moved and a new tenant moved into it they attempted to pretend that the mold issue was new. Neil who does maintenance on the buildings is not an electrician and several times has been sent to do tasks that he is not qualified for. When replacing an electric heater in my mothers unit he had to phone his family member who is supposedly an electrician to walk him through it. The second unit that had the mold issues? The new tenant had an electrician look at the heaters and stated that she was told it was a safety issue and they finally had an electrician come in and replace the old heaters.

Though her website states that she has 14 years of property managment experience another online review is supposedly from a former employer stating that Gillian worked for her property management company before poaching their clients and starting Ansell Property management.

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