56 Supreme Court

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This building was the subject of a CBC investigative report that I recommend googling. The property company is deplorable but the in building managers are fantastic people. They moved 17 people into the building before it was completed: Water wasn’t running, light fixtures falling from the ceiling, doors to the building left wide open constantly, electronic locks on individual apartments not working, constant traffic of construction workers entering apartment without notice and the company has a history of putting people in apartments prior to obtaining an occupancy permit. Things were stolen out of the apartments – including my playstation 4. I would come home from work and notice work boot foot prints going through the apartment. The final straw was when my debit card was declined because the company has removed over $3000 from my bank account without notice or justification. I pursued them legally through arbitration to get out of my lease. The company attended with one of the worst lawyers I have ever dealt with, refusing to admit any wrongdoing, making personal attacks and yelling at me during the hearing. I was awarded all of my money back and able to discontinue my lease. I had relocated from away to start a new job and arrived to this situation which was easily 3 of the worst months of my adult life. This company has a track record of doing this repeatedly and have been charged extensively in the past and yet somehow continue to operate. Their reviews on google are mostly solicited or submitted by employees.They are currently building the second part of the complex and I personally think you would be crazy to rent from them.

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