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Landlord failed to get the property(house) ready for us in time. Even though they took our rent for the 1st of june, property wasn’t ready till mid month. On top of that, they were moving their junk out as we were moving in. Backyard was full of junk, deck had glass shards. Two damaged bedroom doors just left in the rooms off the hinges. Damaged light fixtures hanging from the ceilings. Busted dryer vent just hanging loosely, not even connected. Water issues in the basement, warped floors + mold. They tried to blame water damage in the basement on us, even though their own contractor stated otherwise. Missing shower heads. And missing smoke alarm on main level….after forcing their hand through bylaw enforcement….they gave us a $8 non compliant one. They hired a cleaner who was just dipping a mop in the toilet. Landlord is extremely shady, don’t trust anything they promise.

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