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Stay Length:
2 Years
Area Safe
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  • Hot Water

Connolly Street is awesome. Quiet, clean, great neighborhood. This guy, on the other hand.. Donald (or Donnie) Snow, not so much. He lives upstairs, us in the basement. It’s small and damp, like most basements. Whatever. He bought the house form the original landlord, and came down with promises of basically completely renovating the apartment with no increase in rent. Well, his guys came in, slacked off and took forever, and after 6 weeks of the apartment being turned upside down and covered in dust, all that was accomplished was a new ceiling. Which was painted, and the paint comes 6 inches down the walls. No paint on the walls. No new floors, cabinets, fixtures, ANYTHING. No compensation for the apartment being unlivable for 6 weeks. Apart from that, he has 2 giant dogs that are incredibly loud and bark constantly, his kid does laps upstairs, he does a half-ass job with snow removal (Part of the rental agreement) and he upped the rent $100 a month because my girlfriend moved in, with a days notice to produce $100 for that month. I know I’m ranting, but I have nothing good to say about this guy. So if anyone sees an ad for 2963 Connolly St., STAY AWAY. Shitty apartment, shitty landlord, just all ’round shitty.

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