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2 Years
Area Safe
Some what
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Some what
  • Hot Water
  • Water

This apartment is great for students or someone who is looking for something relatively cheap. It was a two bedroom apartment, however, due to the size of one of the rooms it’s more like a one bedroom with a large storage room. The place had high ceilings which made it appear a bit larger than it actually is. The old hardwood floors give the place a bit of character. The landlord was by far the best I’ve had in Halifax. He was extremely fair we were late with rent a couple times and never got charged late fees he was extremely reasonable when it came to rent. We had issues with the hot water heater and the freezer which were fixed within a day of calling him. He has a guy that does all the repairs for his places who does a kind of rough job but he gets things done. We never had problems with mice or anything like that. The only problem was we lived on the third floor and the building does not circulate air very well so it gets extremely hot in the summer. Also carrying furniture up the narrow stairs is a huge task. Being on the third floor too there is no escape route if there was ever a fire in the building I’m not sure what we would have done. There are three units in the building so obviously there’s a little bit of noise but we never encountered anything we couldn’t deal with. The place is great for a student or young couple.

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