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The apartment is nice if your’re just looking for something simple. if you have a vehicle its nice because there isn’t designated parking so you never have to worry about people parking in your spot. the current landlords i find take a while to do a job when you need it done like fix a doorknob or something. i think there is only storage space for half the tenants because there are storage rooms, i just wasn’t informed when i moved in, so i just assumed i don’t qualify. it is pet friendly 🙂 and i don’t have annoying neighbours.

5 thoughts on “210 Willett Street, Halifax, NS, Canada

  1. We lived here fore 18mths and went through 4 sets of supers. It was horrible. We were surrounded by ppl with laminate floor so everything echoed. Plus it’s small dog friendly so there tends to be alot of barking. The windows leak, depending on the way the wind blows in the rain. When we complained several times about it, we were eventually told it was a structural issue and nothing would be done about it. We made a request for repair for a plug that would arc and flames would fly out of it if we tried to use it. Took 2 sets of supers to get it looked at. When we finally moved out I had asked if we provided proper notice could we be out by the 15th and was told no. The first of that month they asked us to move out early because someone wanted to get in early and they knew we had somewhere else to go. I asked if they’d comp us part of the rent and they said no. They made it very difficult for us to move out. Any time we left for less than 10 mins to move stuff we’d come back to locked doors and the elevators off service. They hassled us whenever we asked them to turn it on service saying it wasn’t fair to other tenants to have access to one elevator, even tho most of the time, only one ever worked. I spent 6 hrs cleaning that apartment top to bottom and was only given half of our deposit back because apparently, the outsides of the fridge weren’t cleaned. When we first moved in, my name wasn’t added to the lease as an occupant so they made me put a deposit down for a 2nd set of keys and because there were no paper records in our file, they wouldn’t refund the deposit ($75) when the keys were returned.

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