20 brule street

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Stay Length:
≤ 6 Months
Area Safe
Area Noisy
Some what
In Building
  • Electricity

Lazy ass super for 20 brule st Dartmouth ns that cant do their jobs. Incompetent super spending all day at tim hortons standing around smoking all day, too lazy to walk down stairs 1 floor to get keys when someone moves out. Before I moved out he put a 24 notice of entry on the door of the apartment to enter between 10-5 around 9 am on the day of the entry. When I texted to ask about it he called and started running his mouth and calling me an asshole and a piece of shit, trying to say he was still coming in. Had to call the tenancy board on him. He called and started getting pissed about that. He never cleaned the building at all or got anything repaired in the building at all. He was too busy going to Tim’s to get coffee and standing around outside all day smoking and playing on his phone. When I texted him to come get the keys he didnt respond until an hour later when I texted him again, even though his phone never leaves his hand. His name is willy. You can also hear him when he is in apartment yelling at someone from a block a way and you can clearly hear every word he says from a half a km away. He takes the dog that he has outside once every couple days and constantly tells at it for no reason when hes outside. I have also heard from people that I knew that lived there as well that he let random people in their apartments without even asking them if they knew the person

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