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This place has CockRoches, and mice, and bedbugs. they do not do anything about it, “they sent the maintenance guy up” when the clearly did not, they said this problem in our apartment has been going on for about a year now ?????( we sublet from someone and they had the issues before hand) so how come nothing has been done about it by now i do not know, but this place is the worst place for maintenance and serious issues, they dont care about it. I put my maintenace request in the day we moved when we noticed the issues, and 2 weeks later not one person came to look at it, we were after them about it for 3 weeks. The attitude that comes from the people who work there is terrible ! They expect you to get rid of these NASTY bugs, when we pay for them to do it. They over Change for their apartments, exct…. do not move here. By FAR the worst place I’ve ever lived, and i’m not someone to complain but this is bad. Noone should have to deal with an infested apartment and the landlords dont give a shit about doing anything for you , they make it seem like its a beautiful building, but is disgusting & infested with bugs and rodents . My brand new furniture will have to be thrown away now because the cockroaches are now nested into my furniture and ruined. Not happy with this place at all .

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