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The superintendent of the building was responsive to matters should they arise. The building is well maintained and fairly quiet. The only reason I give the apartment a rating of 4 is because the rent is above what it should be.

2 thoughts on “15 Bently Drive, Halifax, NS, Canada

  1. I would not advise anyone to rent from this building. While the building is nice, new and clean, the landlord and management make it a terrible place to live.
    1- First of all, they advertise it as a pet friendly building. I clearly asked if there were restrictions such as on certain types of dogs/animals, weight or size. Upon signing my lease, they assured me there was no such restrictions. After signing a lease, I went to get a dog, and they disallowed it on the grounds that it was a “puppy” and that no “puppies” are allowed but all “dogs” are allowed. They said it was a “policy” and that it’s not in the lease agreement. It is completely against the spirit of the NS Tenant Act, as you are not made aware of all the rules and policies before signing a lease.
    2- Second, I got a notice on Monday October 3rd that they would be coming into the units to change shower heads, toilets. I texted the landlord saying that I did not want my shower heads changed because I already had barely any pressure and the new low flow heads would render my showers useless to me for washing my hair. He texted me back on Tuesday October 4th saying that they would not change my shower heads. I go back from work on Wednesday October 5th to find that both of my shower heads were changed, despite being told that they would not be changed. They would not change them back to the old ones.
    3- Third, the day I moved in was Feb 1, I asked the landlord to repair the vent above the stove. He assured me it would be done. It wasn’t done for months after me asking for it multiple times. It was only repaired on June 17th – 138 days after my request. Completely unacceptable.
    These are just facts on my personal experience with the Bently. My general opinion and advice would be that this building is overpriced, mismanaged and does not care about their tenants. There are hundreds of other buildings in the Halifax area that would love to have your business; however the Bently is not one of them. I would recommend that you live elsewhere.

    1. hi, did you get a puppy in the end? How is it solved? I live in the building and have the dog issue same as you did, hope you can help. thanks

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