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This place sucks. The queen of the Halifax skyline has become housing for mostly foreign students. Halls and parking areas are dirty. Maintenance request made 8 months ago not acted on. Bed bugs, Roaches, Ants, mice, rats all call this place home. Security is a joke. Front doors always broken down. Key fob entry frequently broken. Likely 400 more people living here that are not signed on leases. The heating system is very poor – an electric system installed in the ceilings back when the building was new. This radiant style is perfect for heating the unit above but not the space you rent. It’s very inefficient therefore expensive. Building management rating is 0 on a 10 scale. Parking is managed by a company out of Toronto. Very difficult to deal with and local staff are simple rude. They love to boot cars so they can give a bill of $150 to remove the boot. They even boot individuals who have paid for parking because the pass was on the dash and not hanging from the mirror. I feel bad for the older tenants who have made this place home for 20 or more years. They have seen the downhill spiral of this place. In closing – If you are a student and looking for a place to party while attending school and do not care about your housing condition then this place may be ok for you but check with your parents first. Anyone else just stay away. It will become a world of frustration trying to make a home here.

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  1. I would like a in New Glasgow, for tenants who would vent their problems with Landlords. No tenants Associations, Residential Tenants Officer in favor of Landlord over tenant, etc. etc.

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