Landlord rating:
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Stay Length:
2 Years
Area Safe
Some what
Area Noisy
Some what
In Unit
  • Water

These are all townhouses, each unit has a different street number. Some area also listed on Willett St and Glenforest Dr. The maintenance company who is contracted to do repairs to units WILL NOT enter a unit that is occupied to do any repair whatsoever. Maintenance requests therefore are mostly ignored. The units are drafty and have zero insulation in the walls. Pipes froze once and a hole needed to be cut in the wall to thaw it. Light could be seen from outside via the cutout. Be prepared to pay $900+ for your electric heating bill in the winter. Landlord can barely spell things properly on the notices left in mailboxes. Police have been in the neighbourhood on multiple occasions to break up fights and brawls.

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