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1 Year
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Cheap apartment, all included. Absentee landlord for the most part. When we moved in the place was not in great shape, and was completely filthy from the previous tenants. We brushed this aside, given the cheap rent and great location, and did the cleaning ourselves. We contacted the landlord nearing the end of our lease because two of the elements on the stove stopped working. He was responsive and came over the next day to check it out, but claimed that the stove was perfectly fine and that we just needed to change the burner liners. The two elements were still broken. The apartment is very poorly insulated – we were able to push the hallway wall out, from which you could see the ground below. The landlord complained to us about the high cost of heating, but refused to better insulate the building or repair the crumbling foundation. At the end of our lease, after we had cleaned out the apartment and left it in better condition than when we had moved in, the landlord refused to give us the entire damage deposit. There were two items that were left behind by the previous tenants, a shower curtain and a window curtain, which the landlord wanted to charge us damages for. He claimed that these items cost him $50, and he would be removing the cost from our damage deposit. We replaced the shower curtain immediately after we had moved in, as the one left by the previous tenants was mouldy and disgusting. The window curtain that was also left behind by the previous tenants, was an old bamboo blind that never raised properly. It was the only bamboo blind in the house, all of the others had been newly replaced. The landlord replaced the old bamboo curtain with a new, more expensive blind, which matched the others in the house. The landlord did not file a security claim deposit, did not have us sign a waiver saying that we agree with the repairs, and refused to provide any receipts for the blind or the shower curtain. He said, “Do you want part of your security deposit back? Or do you want a receipt for the damages? My son is a lawyer and we can do this the hard way”. Up until the last month we had maintained a good relationship with the landlord – rent was always paid on time, and in full. However, our final transaction regarding our security deposit was incredibly scummy.

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