Landlord rating:
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Stay Length:
2 Years
Area Safe
Area Noisy
In Unit
  • Electricity

Beautiful apartment- upstairs flat in a character building. Hardwood floors, washer and dryer in the kitchen (not coin op), huge back deck, fireplace, one large bedroom, one smaller bedroom perfect for an office. Lots of sunlight, parking, charming overall place. The downside? The landlady is BATSHIT CRAZY. As was the downstairs tenant at the time. The place was drafty in the winter, so I used to keep the furnace at 18. The lady who lived downstairs would complain at a daily basis that my apartment was making hers too hot (because heat lowers here apparently…). The land lady would come into my apartment- without my permission- and turn it down. One occasion she locked the old top lock that I was never given a key for and then left town. When I got home I couldn’t get into my apartment, so I had to scale the back deck and break into my own apartment. Total nightmare. I loved this apartment, but the crazy landlady was not worth it.

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