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Some what
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This apartment is part of the Chebucto Townhouse Complex. Owned by the Metledge family, so a bit dubious, however this particular Townhouse is not a quitter, and the rent is fair, especially if you’re with a couple. There’s lot’s of space – except for one of the rooms – and the location is good. Excellent party house, and would even be good for a family if not for the owners. If you don’t know about the Metledge family properties, you should educate yourself as I’ve heard some horror stories from people who have stayed in their places. We have mice (but also a cat), a dishwasher that’s pretty useless, and a washer and dryer that are ok but could go at any second. We have been very lucky that any problems we’ve had have been relatively minor and we could handle them ourselves. Anything we’ve asked for has taken a good two weeks to get done. If you want to trash a place then it’s your jam. If you need security look elsewhere.

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