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1 Year
Area Safe
Some what
Area Noisy
In Building
  • Electricity
  • Water

Landlords do not fix problems when they arise, and if they do it’s with terrible craftsmanship. The biggest problem with the house is that water leaked from the shower onto the living room. It wouldn’t always leak, only when shower curtain wasn’t firmly pressed against wall). But when it did leak, water would literally spray onto the living room floor in pools. I brought this up to the landlord, but they seemed to shrug it off and mentioned “a quality shower curtain would be needed”. One word comes to mind from such leaks; MOLD! All and all the house is priced fairly cheap but during the winter months, with poor insulation and eroded whether stripping around exterior doors, the electricity bill is uncanny. Water is also not include, which is a pain when connection fees are added. I wouldn’t suggest this “luxurious” townhouse.

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