Landlord rating:
Apt. Rating:
Stay Length:
3 Years
Area Safe
Some what
Area Noisy
In Unit

The townhouses are a great place to live if you don’t mind noisy partying neighbours, missing-in-action landlords, and do-it-yourself home renovations. Not to mention the seasonal flea infestations, bedbug infestations, mice infestations, and the discovery of syringes in the crawlspaces. The houses are huge, and for the price, you can look past the disrepair. Good for artists, or impoverished students. The landlords are all right until there’s a problem, and then they make a mild effort to help out – since all of their contracted workers have been working for them for years, they don’t do a good job, or they fix it themselves and are NOT QUALIFIED. They can get pretty tricksy, too. For the majority of our stay there, they were super agreeable and flexible, if somewhat absentee. When it came down to breaking our lease though, we were forced to go the tenancy board route and were absolutely shafted and ended up paying them thousands of dollars, which after 3 years, we really thought was unnecessary. We had to give up our damage deposit due to the amount of money they were awarded at our expense! A lot of the other properties have waterdamaged ceilings, rotting carpets, mold and almost all of the properties have mice, shoddy patch jobs from holes being punched in the walls, sometimes the floors and walls are repaired by pieces of plywood nailed over the holes…. Once the townhouse adjacent to ours was being cleared out after tenants left, the property staff ran an extension cord from our house for days and used OUR POWER to do all the repairs. We were never reimbursed, nor asked. Just weird conduct all around, and a lack of respect at times for us as tenants. It’s almost as if they know that we were too broke to strike back, or move elsewhere. They were always really good about late rent, if you call them in advance and let them know, they’ll often come pick the rent up in cash and write you a receipt. Some things good, some things terrible. The townhouses are just generally a gamble to move into.

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