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This four bedroom house seems ideal when viewing. However, there are no linen closets and no coat closets, which with four people sharing a house is a huge inconvenience. Rent is $550 each a month which isn’t bad in the summer, but paying extra for the electric heating in the winter is absolutely painful. The windows were poorly installed so for the most part if you don’t want to pay over $1000 dollars in heating the house you’re freezing. The landlord and the maintence man were the worst!! Anytime anything broke, or even a case with mold in the basement I spent weeks playing phone tag with both of them and never getting anyone returning my calls or coming to fix the problem.
Overall the house seems nice and the location is alight but the landlord is awful. I would never resign with her again and the worst part is she is in real estate….

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  1. Wondering if you can email me directly to discuss. We are looking at renting this property and wonder if your comments are of previous or current landlord and pre or post house renovation. Would REALLY appreciate your response!!!

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