Landlord rating:
Apt. Rating:
Stay Length:
1 Year
Area Safe
Area Noisy
Some what
In Building
  • Oil Heat
  • Hot Water
  • Water

Great location, fair rent prices (though we never received confirmation whether or not electricity was included, until the landlord demanded repayment), a clean place with a decent setup, though awkwardly shaped and quite unsafe stairs between the basement and the upstairs. The positives of this place were not worth the landlord dealings… He lived in the building and still would not reply to attempts to contact him and on several occasions approached my roommates one-on-one to convince them to to evict me, for absolutely no reason – I am a great tenant and a fairly quiet person, but he was convinced I was making a lot of noise/turning up a bass speaker, and did not let up even after the sound was revealed to be my roommate’s record player speakers. We were told not to make any noise between 9am-9pm, due to the tax business in the front, but also would be reprimanded for even playing music at night. We were also reprimanded for using too much power from cooking our own food and baking. He would bring his very large dogs to our apartment and tell us how one of them was an ex-fighting dog and therefore very aggressive. He cashed rent cheques anyway when we asked him to wait two days until payday (we had always paid rent on time before this). Very abrasive person – this was the worst I have ever been treated by a landlord, ever. Stay away.

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