Landlord rating:
Apt. Rating:
Stay Length:
1 Year
Area Safe
Some what
Area Noisy
In Unit
Coin Operated
  • Electricity
  • Hot Water

The landlord wasn’t a bad guy, he just didn’t seem to know (or pretended not to know) that he wasn’t supposed to just walk into our house unannounced whenever he pleased, to get our rent money. He misspelled most of our names on the lease, so it wasn’t even legal, really. That gave us some leeway as tenants, but also meant we couldn’t force him to fix stuff.. like our toilet that overflowed every other day. He eventually got us a new one… after it overflowed in the middle of the night, leaked into the store downstairs and destroyed all the fridges. The house itself was just ridiculously laid out. Like someone was drunk when they built it or something. (Did I mention he used the same guy for all the repairs in the building? Plumbing, electricity, carpentry… I don’t think he was in the profession of any of those things). Anyways, first off, there was a hallway that was totally unnecessary and basically got used as a closet. Every room in the house had at least 2 doors. Including the bathroom. But this is the best part. The landlord made a special room in the place, to use as a tool shed. He had a garden in our back yard, so he figured he needed his tools close by as well. Just off of our living room. Anyway, that didn’t fly. So it ended up getting used as a bedroom. A shitty bedroom. The wall separating you from the living room might as well have not been there. There were two giant windows in it, and the top of the wall just had a bunch of pieces missing from it. So not only could you hear everything happening from inside the bedroom, but you could also never get changed in your room. Ever. Even if you hid behind the door, the other wall that separated you from the outside world, was a glass sliding door. That didn’t even lock. And didn’t come with a curtain rod. Often times i could hear hobos collecting bottles off our back deck and pray to god that it wasn’t the south end sleep watcher. Cause our landlord pretty much handed whoever resided in that room, to the sleep watcher on a silver platter. But no fear, you could always escape through the door that led to the bedroom beside you. Oh, also, we found plants growing in the cracks in the floor. The neighborhood itself was okay. If you were a student who loved to party with loudmouthed bros. Which we were not. We had a few altercations with overly aggro dudes (bike theft, blatant sexism, threats of all kinds), and i could often hear them trying to vandalize the lotto sign for the big G, harassing a drunken girl in the street, kicking my bike, and just being loud and obnoxious in general. St- Patricks day, just forget about trying to get any sleep. All that being said, it was overall, an interesting experience that birthed many great stories.

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