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The property manager is either unknowingly the most unreliable person we have ever met, or is purposefully blowing us off to save money. Multiple units in the building have had bedbugs, and we got them upon moving our things into the unit. It took him weeks to book an appointment with the pest control agency, during this time he was condescending and clearly had no knowledge of bedbug extermination. When we moved in we had asked and he told us there had never been an incident in the building (although we know now that he either lied, or is completely oblivious, despite living here). We now have them again, probably just coming back from another unit on the floor, and he has avoided our calls and notes for weeks despite promising to take care of it immediately. We have had a horrible time in this unit. While the room itself isn’t bad, and has a nice view, this building is clearly just a 1960’s apartment with a facelift. The ceilings leak even though we aren’t on the top floor, the kitchen is a tiny nook, and everything is falling apart. Please do yourself a favour and don’t live here, as if something goes wrong you are completely on your own to fix it.

One thought on “5713 Victoria Road, Halifax, NS, Canada

  1. The manager didn’t pay my deposit back after we moved out, we definitely clean the unit. But he is always said let me check, give me a call later!!!!

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