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Seriously the worst place to live, NEVER live in Fenwick Tower if your life depended on it. I realize its a super convenient location but its totally not worth it at all – trust me you CAN find a better place to live. Everything is basically from the 1950’s, and the other day a cupboard door fell on my head because instead of a nail, it was up there with tape. The landlord is a prick, all he cares about is money – we’ve asked for maintenance for our apartment for months now but apparently the mould in our bathroom isn’t a good enough excuse for them to come fix it. Personally, I feel if it was better run maybe I would have given it a better review. As of summertime (2014) the ongoing construction is a pain to the ears. You can hear it rattling all the way up and down the building and don’t even get me started on the elevators. Basically in a 33 floor apt building you’d think they would have more than 3. In the morning, when most people you know, go to school/work the elevators are on SLEEP mode (once again here’s a money saver for the landlord). It seriously takes a good 15 minutes at 7am or actually any time of the day to get an elevator, and at this point I have grown extremely impatient and half the time I decide to take the 56 flights of stairs it takes me to get down to the ground level. Point being, I advise everybody: Do NOT live here, its cheaper and in a great location but all the crap that you need to deal with is totally not worth it. Find a better place to live!! You will regret living here!

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