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This place is terrible. We live in apartment 1 and the noise outside the back (bedroom door) is NON STOP. The idiots upstairs use the back stairs ALL DAY AND NIGHT. I submitted multiple requests to my landlord to implement a restriction on nightime use of the stairs to no avail. After making multiple complaints the landlord started harassing us and trying to say WE made too much noise on a regular basis. He threatened us multiple times both verbally and physically. This is one of those typical rich trust fund kids who was given this property no doubt. He does NOTHING to keep the place clean, it’s disgusting, never shovels in the winter and lets the grass grow in the summer. LAZY! Garbage everywhere, MICE everywhere!!!! Disgusting. Stay away from this hell hole. Lastly I’m pretty sure we paid to heat the hallway or something as our utility bill was $600 every two months for a 700 sq ft piece of crap apartment.

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