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Going to start with the landlord. What a horrendous woman. Lisa W. She comes by all the time and picks out little things that you’re not doing and comments on the apartment, judging. She wouldn’t give us a new toilet for months when it wouldn’t even flush all the way. Her husband does all the work around the apartment. The toilet flooded once and she told me not to call her all the time when something happens; I was just thinking that it’d be safe to tell her that her entire carpet was soaked and will probably mold because it’s a basement apartment, but she didn’t care I guess. In the winter, the snow leaning against the living room wall melted and seeped into the living room. carpet was completely soaked and it molded over too. Her response was to put a portable electric heather there, using electricity that we had to pay for (and it was SUPER expensive there). Next, she gave me the wrong key for the knob front door for a long time. I tried and tried to tell her but she would never make me a key that fit the lock. Finally I was forced to only lock the deadbolt and leave the knob unlocked. On two occasions, Lisa came by the apartment and found the knob unlocked. When she left, she locked it, and I was out without a working key for the knob. I was forced to call her as my roomate was away, and she took a fit at me because I am always calling her and waking her up. I showed her how my key doesn’t work and she still didn’t believe me, telling me to give her the key and apparently watch her all-powerful, magical key techniques that let you open a lock with a key that doesn’t fit. I ended up standing there watching her struggle in her embarassment and still not apologizing. She used her own key to let me in. The second time this happened (she still didn’t provide me with a key), she actually hung up on me. I had to get my dad to call her because my phone was going to die and apparently they fought. She shows up an hour later in the freezing winter night while I’ve been waiting outside, and the exact same thing as last time happens, telling me that my key works. She tried it again, and it didn’t work, so she took it and told me she’d get me one later. The final straw was when she told my roommate that I was a liar because I apparently think it’s fun to pretend my key doesn’t work and wait outside in the freezing cold for an hour with hardly a jacket on. APARTMENT: The actual apartment wasn’t too too bad. Carpets everywhere which were threadbare, but other than that we got a new fridge. The rooms are a good size but you can hear everything upstairs. Heat and electricity are very expensive. The whole apartment is a little dingy but it’s perfectly livable. It just needs a better landlord to take care of it.

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