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1 Year
Area Safe
Some what
Area Noisy

I lived in a bachelor apartment in this building in 2006-2007. I never met the owner of the building and instead interacted with the superintendent. He was resistant to making any repairs. The main issue with my apartment is that when it became winter, very cold air blew into my bathroom through a cupboard above the bathtub. The super’s solution was to stuff a bunch of fiberglass insulation in the cupboard. The bathroom was always freezing cold and I just kept the door closed all the time. I had mice in the apartment and the hot water tank was too small to produce enough hot water to ever fill my bathtub. When I moved out the landlord didn’t return my damage deposit to me until I filed a complaint with the province. I figured he probably gets away with not returning a lot of damage deposits because most people don’t want to go to the trouble of filing a complaint.

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