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1 Year
Area Safe
Some what
Area Noisy
In Unit

Do never ever rent an apartment in this building or close!!!!! In the beginning we were very happy with the apartment. Everything was great till the first evening. The apartment building opposite 3260 causes all the troubles. People who leave there don’t literally care that past 9 pm is the quiet time!!! All those young basketball players gather in the evenings on the basketball court and play music so freaking loud, with the bass on up to the loudspeakers are close to explode – which happened tonight again at 10 pm!!!!!! They also put the bass music in the cars all days long! Second, when I asked the superintendent before the move if the neighbors and the location are quiet, she assured me – “it is very quiet”. What the f*ck she lied to us???? This is because of YOU LADY being so “honest” we have to wait till the next year so we can move out!!!

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