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≤ 6 Months
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Some what
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This place seems affordable until you realize you will be paying double your rent 9-10 months of the year because it has nothing remotely resembling insulation and the most inefficient heaters I’ve seen. We couldn’t even use one room because it was impossible to get warm. The bathroom has no heat, you can see your breath when it’s anything less than 15 degrees outside, the ceiling is also about 5 feet high. Our place was spotless, had been dirty when we moved in and full of dirty furniture from the previous tenants, they kept most of our damage deposit for a mysterious amalgam of “damages” or “cleaning” of which the details changed every time they opened their mouths. They are totally two-faced but you will get an idea by hearing them scream at each other constantly in their pizza shop through your walls. They own all the apartments adjacent to the shop (all have different municipal addresses). The landlord’s wife handles everything but purposely keeps her name off the lease so she can’t be held legally responsible. We took them to the tenancy board to get our deposit back and when we tried to get back the money they were ordered to pay us they laughed in our faces.

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