Landlord rating:
Apt. Rating:
Stay Length:
2 Years
Area Safe
Some what
Area Noisy
In Unit
  • Electricity
  • Oil Heat
  • Hot Water
  • Water

It’s noisy only in the sense that the entire building creaks when it gets cold in Spring and Autumn – the building is poorly insulated and leaks heat everywhere. This is not that big of a problem because heat is included in the rent. The unit I was in had an all-in-one laundry washer/dryer that left all of my clothes stained yellow and smelling bad. The dryer portion doesn’t dry at all. The entire building has rats in the walls. They didn’t ever enter my apartment from what I could see; however I had two cats. I had a break and enter in my apartment and lost over $2000 of camera equipment. One thing the landlord doesn’t ever mention is that this building is directly next to a halfway house. The landlord will respond to serious problems, however also makes promises he doesn’t keep, and hires half-ass contractors to do work for him. They installed new windows and my walls and paint were left cut and broken for the rest of my tenancy. If you’re looking for reasonable rent for a quiet space, then this works. That being said, it’s no-frills and don’t expect much from the landlord. He’s a hands-off kind of guy.

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