Landlord rating:
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Stay Length:
2 Years
Area Safe
Area Noisy
In Unit
  • Electric Heat
  • Hot Water
  • Water

Everything is included in this apartment except electricity, cable and internet. The apartment itself is fine. When we moved into the place the landlady was great, she lived down the hallway and we never had any problems. Then a new couple moved in as the landlords and they were pretty awful. They seemed to do whatever possible to make everyone’s lives harder. We’d been told we could have pets when we moved in (the landlady had two cats) but when they came they kicked out everyone who had pets. When one of our cats went missing we slipped flyers under the doors of apartments asking people to let us know if they saw him. The new landlord stopped us in the hall and yelled at us saying this was against some sort of policy. They were basically heartless bureaucrats. Not the kind of people you want to have controlling your everyday living situation. And it was difficult to get our damage deposit back. They tried to charge us for basic cleaning (we had cleaned VERY well before leaving) and wouldn’t provide a receipt. If there is a new landlord there now I guess it could be different but I wouldn’t move back into that place with those landlords in a million years.

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