Landlord rating:
Apt. Rating:
Stay Length:
2 Years
Area Safe
Area Noisy
Some what
In Unit
  • Oil Heat
  • Hot Water
  • Water

Apartment is 1 of 4 units in a divided house. This is the lower, back unit so you get full access to the yard – definitely a plus, especially with the big deck that we added. Large, sunny kitchen, but tiny bedroom. Landlord takes forever to fix anything, usually only doing a half-assed job when he gets around to it. Yes, heat is included, but the air is forced through this unit to get upstairs so you can’t control it – sometimes it was so hot it was melting our candles!! Connaught Avenue is noisy during rush hour. Neighbours on one side are awesome, the others surrounding you are questionable – especially the guy in back of the yard, who has 2 cars up on blocks and tons of stuff in his driveway. He also cut down a tree in our yard and stole some of our plants. But, the location is convenient and rent is fairly cheap. All in all, not bad, but be prepared!

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