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STAY CLEAR. The house may be beautiful and the rent is fair, but the two landlords that live in the apartment on the main level of this house are dreadful to live with. One of them is super kind, but the other one was my worst nightmare!! He works from home, is always there and watches you like a hawk. I know for a fact he had been in my apartment when I was not home. I am glad to be out of that place. I repeat: stay clear of this place. You will regret it.

One thought on “2150 Robie Street, Halifax, NS, Canada

  1. I concur with the previous commenter. ABSOLUTELY AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE PLAUGE. The rent is cheap, but dealing with the landlords is awful. One is really nice, but the other is a very strange creature. They complain about footsteps and once came to my apartment to tell me that I shouldn’t be home as often as I am. They also gave me a bad reference when trying to get a new apartment – even though I never had a single party or late rent payment and left the apartment in great condition.

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