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This is one of the ugliest buildings I’ve ever seen. Fort Massey Apartments, it’s called. I needed a place fast for school and this place was close and relatively cheap for a bachelor. First, it has white stucco all over the building – the hallways, ceilings, walls, kitchen, absolutely everywhere. That means that your walls will get super dusty and dirty because it just lays on the pieces protruding from the wall. Second, the carpet. It’s this really old, scratchy, gross carpet and my apartment had multiple cigarette burns in it. The condition the apartment was left in was laughable and it’s amazing that none of the workers in the building were told to clean it. There was still cat litter and sand all over the carpet in the closet area so it had to completely cut out. The kitchen and appliances had a very vintage look to it, but not really in the good way. The toilet had some problems, and when the building handyman (who lives in the building and is hired by the building owners) came to fix it he actually broke it and left. But I will give it to them, they were fast at coming and fixing things. Not only that, there have been multiple times when someone would come without notice to show the apartment off. Once I was even in bed and didn’t want to answer the door, so they just barged right in. This wasn’t even near the end of my lease to rent my room out – it was just to show possible renters what a generic room in the building looked like. Other than that though, they weren’t super sketchy with withholding my money or anything like that so they’re much better than many of the other landlords I’ve had. But still, I would avoid this place on the basis of it being super ugly and depressing to live in, but if you’re absolutely desperate for a place it isn’t like there are fundamental problems with the building.

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  1. Absolutely agree that this building is terrible!!! You have friendly mice for half a year when it’s cd outside! They are friendly cause usually they stay in the kitchen area not in your bed. You can’t get rid of them. Almost everyday you see them. Smells…. It smells like shit, pot, animal’s pee, bad food! No fresh air… When you open windows it brings smells from hall and bathroom. Mould on the last two floors!! They are not going to fix properly… Always constructions!!! Inside the building and outside!!! Shower switch to cold water whenever it’s good for it not to you! It is Impossible to clean windows cause they are sealed but they don’t clean it either. After two years of living there I’m happy to move away! As you noticed I don’t recommend this building at all!!!

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