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2 Years
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Some what
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Nice apartments but the landlords don’t have a clue in their heads. They turned off water without notice and when we got angry they said they knocked the doors in the morning. The landlord NEVER answers his phone or emails. Parties going on in the building all the time, like ragers and nobody does anything about it.We were accused of not paying rent because the landlord “forgot” he cashed the check and we had to provide proof. Its a shame because the renovations are nice. Too bad two dumbasses are running the place.

2 thoughts on “1065 Bland Street, Halifax, NS, Canada

  1. Don’t forge the laundry. There is one washer and dryer for 13 or so units. There is never any room to do laundry and when you do get a chance to sneak in, your laundry is promptly removed by some asshole who thinks they should have rights to it over you.

  2. We apologize to our tenants for inconveniences due to renovations or other problems. In this case we were upgrading the system. We acknowledge the lack of laundry facilities and two additional set of machines have already been ordered and will be installed shortly.

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