Landlord rating:
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Stay Length:
3 Years
Area Safe
Area Noisy
Some what
In Building

The property manager that worked with us, Donna (for Twin City Management) was always very helpful. The building is a heritage property so it needs repairs often, and we had the repairman on speed dial, but he always came promptly and they never charged us. It is very very expensive to heat in the winters and is not really weather proofed. The hot water heater is exposed to the skeleton of the house, and the cold winter air. You can feel the air blowing through the house when it’s windy. Occasionally there are mice, one time a rat. Again though, the property manager/repairman fixed our issues immediately when they were brought up, and the apartment itself is BEAUTIFUL. Wood floors, lots of lights, huge kitchen, and really lovely rooms. If you can afford the heating then it’s well worth living there.

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